How to improve (decrease) the Shader Complexity of a Tree (foliage)


Here is my shade complexity picture:

A lot of Red and pink, sometimes even white in the middle

And here is my Material:

I think that my material is the problem. How can I improve this? Thanks

Hey FilipeTessaro,

So the World Position Offset is going to be the first input you will want to reduce instruction counts on, as SimpleGrassWind function can be fairly computationally heavy. You would need to go into the function itself and see if you can’t reduce some math instructions in there. Subsurface is also fairly expensive so perhaps removing that input will help to.

You will need to come to a compromise between quality and functionality within your shader when trying to reduce a shader complexity. Sometimes you will need to sacrifice something like Subsurface color if you want to keep the wind effect, but reduce complexity.

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