How to import from Revit into UE4

Hi guys
Have any of you ever tried to import a model from Revit into UE4?

Please help :frowning:

Hi kiana.mousavi,
As a revit user, I had same question like you. As first, I recommend you to read some threads:

When you understand the workflow, you will see it not as difficulty as it seem. Technically, my solutions for this is:

  1. Buid your model in revit then export to .fbx. Carefully assign your categories and material types
  2. Most troublesome problems lie here where you have to remodel your model again to be used in UE4. You should see above links to get the idea. Link/Import fbx file to 3rd modeler which can unwrap UVmap such as 3ds max, Maya or Blender. Dont need to assign material layers, I prefer doing that in UE4.
  3. Import again into fbx, but now you should seperate it into several objects.
  4. Import it to UE4.
    Otherwise, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

As a architecture grad student, time is very essential and I don’t have much time to re-model or group things in 3ds max, then into unreal. True, there is no direct pipeline, but as long as you export your project in different clusters (glazing, main structure, site elements) as an fbx from revit, you should be fine. I must note that importing into 3ds max and re-exporting as fbx will conserve the scale of your project in whatever dimensions you first designed it with.

Another bit of information that might be helpful is that not everything needs to be walk-able if your just presenting your design, right? Because your importing different building systems into unreal, you can change the colliding settings for each static mesh actor. For example, you can make the glazing panels so that the character can walk through them, but have the floors and solid walls as a per-poly collision so that you can walk “into” your building.

So yes, its pretty easy to bring revit models into unreal. Easier than rhinoceros or sketchup to be honest.