How to import .fbx asset with the texture in Unreal ?


I have dowloaded a 3D model on turbosquid (a weapon) and after the download, i have 2 folders : one with the .fbx file and a other with a lot of textures…

How can i import the model in Unreal and texture this model^^ ?


Import FBX model and then just import textures… you need to create material and put textures to material (in material editor, find node “texture sample” and put here your textures, then connect outputs normal to normal, and COL or whatever it is to base color? Or just drag and drop textures from editor to material editor.)

There is a import option, to import with materials and textures (at the bottom), if that doesn’t import the mats and textures, then the fbx is not optimized. Then just drag and drop the textures into your project content sub folder (Textures), and pick the first texture - right click it and create a material (or use the automatically generated one). Anyway, usually while importing textures, materials are blank (white). In such a case drag and drop the textures into the material editor, then plug them into the corresponding nodes. You also want to add a constant, set it to 0.5 and plug that into the roughness material node.

Okay, thanks, but i import or not the targa file ?

Yes, tga is the standard image format in Unreal.

So, in Fact :
I import the. Fbx file (I check import textures & mates ?)
After i create a folder called Textures and I put the 6 files (the 4 .png & the 2. Ta)
After i sélect the first texture (Lowump_col.png) and I right click and I sélect create a material, so i do this With the 3 other .png files so i have 4 material…
After i open the first material and I drag and drop in this the first texture, and I add a constant, set it to 0.5 and I plus into the roughness material node (I do this With the 3 other material)
So After that i add the fbx on the scene and he Will be textured ?


First try to import, and basically you need like two materials in this example, also Unreal creates the materials for you, but you might have to drag and drop missing textures as outlined above.

Why is this not fixed? Unreal sees the textures of the FBX, when I import the models it strips the textures out, creates a folder for them, but doesn’t import them. It doesn’t matter what settings I have in the import folder. Several other 3D apps import the same FBX file with textures natively. Unity can import the same FBX automatically. I’ve got dozens of models with complex textures. It’s ridiculous to have to go in and manually reconnect all the textures.


Isn´t this only possible, if you export the model from a 3D program, that have the Plugin installed, to create those datasmith files in the first place? Datasmith in Unreal is not able to import FBX files, only it´s own datasmith files, then GLTF, CAD, VRED and Deltagen… no FBX option.

So it´s no help for downloaded files, if you have no supported 3D program, from which you can open those fbx files and export them with their datasmith export plugin (that actually converts the files then to the datasmith format for Unreal). Or am i missing something?

I’m with you on this. I have complex scenes that need to be imported and it’s tedious having to reconnect every normal, ao, diffuse texture for every material and object. Is there an easier way?