How to Import an HDRI Image as HDRI Texture and not HDRI Cubemap?

I have the HDRI Texture Image and I wan to use it in my another project, I exported it as HDRI Image and then imported in my new project, the image is converted to HDRI Cubemap, the material I want to create from it needs HDRI Texture.
How to do this? please help thank you.
Correct Image HDRI Texture

Bad Image HDRI Cubemap

This is the error message

Node Particle UV is expecting HDRI Texture not HDRI Cubemap, why even the the HDRI Texture is converted to HDRI Cubemap? it was done after importing exporting from another project.

It’s not an hdri, it’s just a texture. You can migrate it from one project to the other.

After migration it is changed to (HDRI Texture) I can’t import it as just a texture, UE is giving few options while saving: T3D, COPY, HDRI etc…
I can send you the file if you want to check it

If you’re talking about this


it’s a normal texture.

It will not change type on migration :slight_smile:

This kind of migration will not work because I am moving the texture from UE Project 4.23 to UE Project 4.20

It is Unversioned and engine is not showing the texture doing this method.

you have 2 options ,
1: downgrade the HDR Compression texture version and import it to the old version engine project.

2: Change the compression method from HDR to normal DX11 and save it, then export and import it in your old project to use it (Experimental) try it and let me know if this works

hope it helps, cheers!

Never tried it but I will try it now and will share the feedback

OK, you never mentioned that… :-/

I didn’t mentioned it because this problem is not only with different versions of the engine, but if I export or migrate the texture to another project with the same engine version, it is still converted to Texture Cube.
I am now loading 2 instances of different engine versions to test the solution changing the compression of texture and re-migrating … will see what comes out, I will share the feedback

Changing the compression to default and exporting is not giving me the option to export is normally, again HDR and other useless formats.


I am confused with these extra options, they don’t comes up with just textures, this texture is more than just a texture :yawning_face:

This is not just a texture, this is a compressed sprite sheet texture, you need to break this using Sprite Actions -> Extract Sprites and then export these textures as bulk data, next download a software called GlueIt and rejoin all the textures using it if you want to go faster.
But you can use photoshop to do this. After doing these all steps , another texture will produced that you will be using in your old project.


I will now try this solution )

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It says sprite extraction successful but I don’t know where the files are saved, I can’t even fine it by name in the content folder, please help

This is a good start to read and getting more informative Sprite Sheet Extraction and Creation


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This helps me to learn more but this doesn’t solved the problem :yawning_face:

export the texture in any format the enigne is providing by default when you click export and post the image here. I will try to convert it for you

T_smokeTest.HDR (6.7 MB)
here we go, the alpha channel is also removed by the engine when I exported