How to have a single Static Mesh with Multpile textures?

Hey there
I’ve seen in multiple videos and forums where people have something like a picture framed on the wall and they have an option to change the picture of it within UE4. Is this a plugin or something or is there a trick when importing in static mesh assets which gives you this ability? I know you can apply different textures to static meshes but does this mean I would have to import say 20 textures for a single static mesh so I can have different pictures in the picture frame or is there some trick which packs it all in and you can just change a value in the details menu? I do mainly see this sort of thing in architecture videos. Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

It depends on the program you use to make the meshes with, (in 3dsmax you need to apply a multi-sub material and set up the right material ID’s for instance)

this way, when you place the mesh, you can put a new shader in any additional slot you made.
Keep in mind, every material applied on a mesh after the first increased the drawcalls by one.
It might be better to actually set up a shader in which you just replace the texture for the whole mesh or a specific area.

If you want more information let me know.

I’m using Maya and I know how to export a model with a single texture but it was the the whole exporting with 10 textures I wanted to know.

Your info was helpful, thank you.