How to have a newton's ring reflection on a Material

How to emulate a newton’s ring reflection on a Material?
I can do this effect on Marmoset Toolbag 2, and it looks amazing, how can I do it on UE4?
Is is possible? What is the performance cost?


One thought would be to simulate this by placing a spotlight in your lens to simulate the light coming from it, and then using a custom IES profile to generate the ring effect.

This would likely only work for the monochrome rings unless you’re willing to try three lights (R,G,B, each with its own custom IES curve) but would at least nicely light everything below your lens and shouldn’t have too great an impact on performance.

The IES format docs are at AutoCAD 2010 User Documentation , but I’ve never had to author one so I can’t really be of help with how to do that.

Thanks for your answer, but I was expecting to have a easy newton’s ring shader similar to the Marmoset Toolbag 2, perhaps in the UE 4.8?