How to glitch render with customizeable depth sorting?

Hi, newbie here. And as a newbie, I retain the right to ask an obnoxious and overly ambitious question on how to achieve an effect that no one is interested in achieving :wink:

In brief, I’m trying to ‘glitch’ render a house so that it’s turned inside out. More specifically, I would like to set up the camera with a view of the house’s exterior, but only render interior faces/objects that normally would be occluded behind the exterior walls. And to complicate things more, is there a way so that what gets rendered is based on pixel depth sorting?

After pouring through various threads and posted questions, I think my question posed in more technical terms would be:

Is there a way to customize depth sorting so that based on an object’s hierarchical Z depth at each pixel location, I can choose which order of pixel depth to render? For example, I only want to render the second closest pixel depth relative to the camera. In my conception, this is how the image will become glitchy as you change perspectives.

I hope this is clear.

Theoretically, can this be done in blueprint visual scripting, at the coding level, or would require accessing the gpu?