How to get this shadow

This may be an amateur question but I have to ask:

I want to avoid this bad-looking line between terrain and buildings, what can I do rather than covering it with grass or something, for example in ue4 picture that I found there is a bit of shadow line that hides the bad guy, can I do that or something else to get rid of this line?

Depth fade was getting rid of the ugly line in particles, I need something like that(without changing the opacity)

Bounce lighting would take care of that. Unfortunately unreal doesn’t have that yet. Briefly what bounce lighting is, is the light that reflects off a surface at an equal angle opposite after hitting a surface.

https://docs.unrealengine./latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/LightingAndShadows/Lightmass/index.html check into this

all lights are dynamic in the scene, I can’t really use lightmass, so is there no other way than hiding it with foliage ?

no expert, but putting shadows in corners is called ambient occlusion.

here have some links i didn’t read:


in a nutshell ao is our answer to how light behaves in the 3d world to approximate shadows from near by objects absorbing light therefore casting a lighter shadow except in deep corners where bounce light cant reach. For instance the light model teaches us how light works. it is either refracted or absorbed. refracted light is ‘bounce’ light. AO is usually faked in a texture map to reduce gpu consumption at render time. That is why most texturing applications for 3d models have an AO bake. Unity has an answer to bounce light in a 3d engine that is low quality but effective. I’m looking right now into a way to copy that. hang on =)

ok all easy attempts have failed im gonna make a feature request for blob shadows. basically a projector that casts a shadow at the base of any object in scene. I never thought about it until now because I never made a game outside =)

Hey EyeDee10Tee,

We actually have both techniques you mention and requested.

The precomputed AO Material Mask was introduced in release of 4.9.0 which you can see below if you follow the URL link provided.

4.9 Engine Release Notes


Here is an example of this technique in use in a small test level I have created. There are specifics to setting this up, so be sure you read the directions carefully.

Notice how my occluded and shadowed areas have a texture appearing. This is how I set up the material in order to get this effect.

As for the render to texture shadows you seem to be requesting, this also takes a little bit of set up but is very possible. You can use this technique to take pre-rendered shadows and essentially overlay it on top of your level.

Render to Texture


If you have further questions or have additional comments please let me know.

Thank you,

I’ve actually got a workaround, sorry for the late answer, thanks