How to get source file path from UTexture?

I get an UTexture object, it is loaded from a picture, for example the path is D:/1.jpg.

I want to know the function to get the path with C++

Because the SourceFilePath_DEPRECATED variable is “DEPRECATED” in UE4.23 !

SourceFilePath_DEPRECATED has replaced by UAssetImportData AssetImportData*


it is my code to get the souce path:

if (NULL != TestTexture && NULL != TestTexture->AssetImportData)
	const FAssetImportInfo& AssetImportInfo = TestTexture->AssetImportData->SourceData;

	if (AssetImportInfo.SourceFiles.Num() >= 1)
		FString SourceFilePath = AssetImportInfo.SourceFiles[0].RelativeFilename;
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("source file path is %s"), *SourceFilePath);
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Any way to return file path without using C++?