How to get slight grainy effect over the entire scene?

UE4 newbie here. I would like a slight grainy effect over the entire scene of my level. If it is possible could I have a lead to where to learn how to create it?. Thanks.

Post processing has default grain, if you want your own customized version you can try to look at post process material

Thanks I will look at the default grain more deeply.
I understand post processing custom material for VR would be expensive so does that mean I generally have to keep texture resolutions lower than 1024x1024?

I don’t know if this will help but there’s a little cheap version you could try. Open up GIMP and make a grainy image with alpha all over the picture. In the editor put that picture in front of the camera component and you should get a cheap version of what you want.

Thanks guys for the resources. Orbenet52 sounds like a good idea. I’ll definitely try it :slight_smile:

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