How to get font baseline value? (C++)

I am trying to create my own custom text scroll effect. I created a line of characters, where each character is in a single text render component. This is to allow me to modify their locations separately for various text animations. All the text render components are lined up horizontally but they are vertically misaligned. I found out I need to account for the baseline value of the fonts. How do I access this baseline value in C++?

Figured it out. That moment when you ask a question and figure it out just a few moments later X).

The UFont has two variables ascent and descent. Adding them together gives you the height of all characters (in some strange coordinate system that is separate from the font size), and subtracting that from the ascent gives you the baseline offset from the bottom of the text. Divide that by the height and you got a baseline ratio you can use with different font sizes by multiplying it against the actual font size you want.