How to get a ULevelStreaming ref using onLevelLoaded/OnLevelShown delegates

Hi devs,
I’m making my first steps with UE4 C++.

Here’s me trying to spawn levels instances at runtime:

auto LevelStream1 = ULevelStreamingKismet::LoadLevelInstance(World, "Level01", FVector(0,0,0), FRotator(0,0,0), &Success1);
auto LevelStream2 = ULevelStreamingKismet::LoadLevelInstance(World, "Level02", FVector(100,100,0), FRotator(0,0,0), &Success2);

Then binding to OnLevelLoaded delegate, to know when my level will be ready for use:

LevelStream1->OnLevelLoaded.AddDynamic(this, &AMyClass::OnLevelInstanceLoaded);
LevelStream2->OnLevelLoaded.AddDynamic(this, &AMyClass::OnLevelInstanceLoaded);

And finally my receiver function:

void AMyClass::OnLevelInstanceLoaded()
   // do something with the Loaded Level
   // (???)how do I know which Level loaded?

How do I know which Level is ready to be worked with?

Trying to access its pointers immediately after calling LoadLevelInstance() is pointless, since they are not yet initiliazed, so I really need to know if they are loaded or not.

Thanks to all

*please excuse any code error, I don’t have my code available now so I coded off the cuff…

Hi, know this is a little late. But just for the sake of leaving an answer…

One way would certainly be to have an array that acts as a queue, where only one level would be processed at the time.
This way you know that if you received a call, it would allways be the level you last attempted to load.