How to get a flat color


I’m trying to create an image in Unreal Engine that has completely flat colors, but I’m having a really hard time getting the output to cooperate.

Here is what I’m getting:

The problem is, I want the car color to be (0,255,0), but when I histogram the results, I get multiple different values for green.


(x axis is just the index of the color and colors at a different index are different)

I’m attempting to get this effect by using a scene with no lights and using an unlit material with an emissive color set to (0,1,0,0).

The player camera viewing the object has chromatic aberration and Vignette set to 0, bloom intensity set to 0, lens flare intensity set to 0, and auto exposure min and max brightness set to 0 (off). There is no post-processing volume and the default rendering project settings are turned off.

Is there anyway to ensure my car outline is a single color?


You need to disable post processing since it is man things that modify output pixels, also remember that antialiasing will produce darker pixels on the edges. What method do you use to get that historgram? UE4 provides pixel inspector to check values of individual pixels go to Window->Development Tools->Pixel Inspector

Hey, thanks. I didn’t realize that anti-aliasing would darken stuff so much. I’ll shut it off. Is there a easy switch for everything else? I feel like I’ve searched everywhere for settings that might be on still (except for the anti-aliasing).

The histogram I made using the PIL library in python. I didn’t know about the pixel inspector.

Then look on pixel inspector also how do you save? Try console command to disable AA

Thanks a ton . Your suggestions (pixel inspector) lead me to find the solution. My problem was with the tonemapper. The solution was in another question here: White not white in game