How to get a decal component of another client?


What I try to achieve is to toggle the visibility of a decal component which is easy to change my character’s decal component but I am not sure how can I do it of another client’s decal component. The problem I have when I click to another player I will set the targeted decal component that I want to turn the visibility on but for some reason when I want to get that targeted decal component its not there. It only works on my own player.

Can someone explain me when I click to another client’s mesh I am getting their selected circle but when I press J it will return nothing.

I try to get ThirdPersonCharacter_C_1 but when I try to get that object is not there. However when I click to my own mesh it will return ThirdPersonCharacter_C_0 just fine.


Could you please elaborate a little more on what you are doing. Are you trying to make selection of single character be seen for both clients?
First of all, when you start you project, do you start it in two windows with dedicated server mark checked? Do you replicate the decal component?