How to fix haze/fog in viewport?

#HELPNEEDED: I’m having issues with Unreal. For some reason when the game runs in the regular viewport (not it’s own) a grey haze/fog slowly appears. This never used to happen. The level architecture (code) changed recently and then this started happening. However, none of the assets or visual build configurations were changed. This problem does not occur when the game is running in a separate viewport, but the fact is it wasn’t an issue in the default viewport before. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix/prevent it?

I’ve been looking around but I couldn’t find anything on SE or anywhere else that covered this. Any help would be really appreciated!

It looks like Auto Exposure is brightening it. It could be a post process volume, or the camera’s inherent post process settings for Auto Exposure. I had a similar issue in a template level I modified a bit, in which whenever I looked at the ground, it transitioned to being very bright from the actual lighting I had. Adjust the EV100 or other range parameters to be a higher minimum and lower maximum. Another approach is to select Manual in the dropdown of the post process settings, and set the values until it no longer occurs. Or disable it by making min/max values the same and at around -1 to 1.