How to fade on a light?

I need to fade on a movable light.

To do that I’ve unchecked the visibility property for the point light and lowered it’s brightness to 0. Then I’ve tried to turn it visible and loop from 0 to a brightness value using a custom delayed for macro (default for won’t do the trick here, source), yet the light does not turn on.

Another approach I’ve made has been to make the point light visible and call the function I use to increase the brightness from a SetTimerByFunctionName node, but it yields the same result, light does not turn on.

Any clues on how to pull this off?


Timelines are meant to be used for this exact type of operation.

Can even use a new ease in-out curve :slight_smile:

Here to learn more about them: Timelines | Unreal Engine Documentation


For some reason I thought of timelines as only appliable to particles… Thanks!

not at all, a timeline is just interpolating data. Can be used for whatever you want.

Hello, just a quick question, what is the finished output from the timeline plugging into??


To whatever you want really. it triggers when the timeline finishes.
And you can use the Direction Enum to check if it ended moving forward or backwards.