How to enable quad buffer stereo rendering?


4.19 release note mentioned this new feature:

*> New: Support for DX11 quad buffer stereo rendering.

Anybody know how to enable/use it?


I am also very interested in having native stereoscopic 3d support in UE4 and I have been looking into the “DX11 quad buffer stereo rendering” feature and it seems these are the commits (only acessible if you have a GitHub account linked to Epic and and from what I seem to understand it seems to add compatibility with Microsoft’s official Stereo 3D API introduced in DXGI 1.2 (more detail here but, it only creates stereo buffers and I doesn’t seem to do any actual stereo rendering but I might be wrong. Still, this is a very big step for Stereo 3D support in UE4. Maybe the goal is for plugins such as to be used to render each eye and they will simply have to fill these buffers with what they rendered.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll do some research on it.

did you find something? I am working on this too.

Use the ‘-quad_buffer_stereo’ command line argument (this is obvious from the commit).
Unfortunately, this is not enough, by default the right buffer is not being written to and is left completely black (Engine v4.20.3)

Note: According to the commit it should work with Windows 8.1, but for me it only worked with Windows 10 (tested both an AMD and an nVidia GPU).