How to enable Chaos

@NilsonLima Let me know if you need multiple shots of the list on the left.


@FX-R080T I can’t see if Game Development with C++ is selected, you can see it in the first tab called “Workloads” and make sure everything there is selected, it seems the only thing missing, if not, there might be any Windows Update, which is the latest Windows Update you installed?

So nobody knows the answer? Like with a projectile, field activates only when hitting a geometry collection?

Has anyone other than employees of Epic been able to use this video to get Chaos to work. Oakman is using the content examples to help. I can’t get past the CubeStack. Will try again today.

Where do you have a problem?

@NilsonLima I went ahead and re-installed VS 2017 with all relevant modules included. I also updated my windows 7 with the latest update which it did need.
But never the less after all that it still will not create the project files I need and with the same error message as before.

I am currently installing VS 2019 with all modules included. Hoping that will fix it but I am beginning to suspect that this is due to me running on Windows 7. Has anyone out there had any success setting up the project on Windowns 7?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

He’s using a couple of assets from the content examples, but the logic and setup is done from scratch during the first portion of the stream. What are you having issues with?

Possibly with the anchor. Here is the BP. When I shoot the projectile does not fracture.

I don’t think you should use “Add Field” in Construction Script.

Here’s my blueprint for a strain field from the Livestream:


I couldn’t generate hit or overlap results from a projectile to geometry collection.

Oakman used it in the video. scratscrat does your Field_Anchor_Blueprint work? I am using the cubeStack_geometrycollection. I don’t have the content examples for P8.

Sorry, I’ve got it wrong. Your Field_Anchor_Blueprint is correct. You must overlap it with your cubeStack_geometrycollection in the editor in order to make the cubeStack to stand still

Then you can use the blueprint I provided to destruct the cubeStack.

Here’s my setup

And here’s the effect of the blueprint that I’ve provided from the Livestream:

Unfortunately, you can’t attach it to projectile. The projectile doesn’t generate hit or overlap events with cubestack_geometrycollection. There’s some information missing and I couldn’t find what.

Looks great. Did you shoot with the fps? Did you modify the projectile. Would you mind uploading your project and let me have it? If not you have really helped. Thanks.

That’s really nothing except what was in the Livestream. Anyway, here you can download it. I hope that helps.

If after play the block wouldn’t stand still and fractured, just move the yellow box a little up or down and it fixes. I think that’s a bug in Chaos.

getting an error saying that i cant open the map due to being on a “newer version” of the engine.

I am shooting it with fps projectile. No fracture. I tried moving the yellow box. Does not help. The projectile passes through the GeoCollection.

Told you projectile doesn’t work! The projectile doesn’t provide overlap or hit events with geometry collection. There’s some information missing here which was not on any of Chaos videos so far.

I see. Something to with Strain. Looks complex. We need the content examples.

Create a new map. Bring CubeStack_GeometryCollection ,Field_Anchor_Blueprint and DestructFieldSystem_Blueprint in the scene.
Add Field_Anchor_Blueprint to CubeStack_GeometryCollection via ‘Initialization Fields’ and setup it so that it overlaps with cubestack. Add some damage thresholds too.
Then, you can use DestructFieldSystem_Blueprint as a strain field to destruct the cubestack.
Hopefully that should work.

Something like this: