How to enable Chaos

getting an error saying that i cant open the map due to being on a “newer version” of the engine.

I am shooting it with fps projectile. No fracture. I tried moving the yellow box. Does not help. The projectile passes through the GeoCollection.

Told you projectile doesn’t work! The projectile doesn’t provide overlap or hit events with geometry collection. There’s some information missing here which was not on any of Chaos videos so far.

I see. Something to with Strain. Looks complex. We need the content examples.

Create a new map. Bring CubeStack_GeometryCollection ,Field_Anchor_Blueprint and DestructFieldSystem_Blueprint in the scene.
Add Field_Anchor_Blueprint to CubeStack_GeometryCollection via ‘Initialization Fields’ and setup it so that it overlaps with cubestack. Add some damage thresholds too.
Then, you can use DestructFieldSystem_Blueprint as a strain field to destruct the cubestack.
Hopefully that should work.

Something like this:

Correct. As I said, some information is missing here which was not in any of Chaos related videos. Some simple information I guess.

Could you create a BP for the projectile that would destroy parts of the cubestack?

Do geometry collections react to the apply damage events? If not will this be added in the future?\

Edit: Or will the damage system and damage types be deprecated?

Hi everyone,

I managed to have a “projectile to induce destruction” by adding the components of the Strain Field to the basic projectile BP and with the use of an Event Tick apply the Physics Field… it works, but isn’t precise: no collision with the destructible buildings yet and framerate dependent…

I am now back to the basics of the new destruction system and especially the spread of destruction…
As anyone managed to control it? If so, could you share a bit of knowledge?


Hi, Can I have a question? How do I do attached a particle to the chunk? Should I use a BP ? Please let me know.

A simple solution would be to put the content examples on github with the source 4.23 P8. How about it Epic?

4.23 is probably near release at this point and it wouldn’t make sense for Epic to release the Chaos Content Example now when it’s going to be available when 4.23 is out

Once the Destructible Mesh is created is it an asset that resides in the browser and can be spawned into the game at run time or is it something that stays in a level like a landscape?

I’ve just downloaded 4.23.0 official release from the launcher. (Available now).

I have enabled all of the relevant plugins listed above, but I can’t create a “Geometry Collection”. It’s just not visible in the asset browser under physics.


Turns out that what I actually downloaded was 4.23.0 Preview 8. So that explains why it’s not working. It just didn’t say preview in the launcher dropdown.

Apparently, even with the release of 4.23, you still need to download the source from github and compile it in order to use Chaos. Hope I’m wrong.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do scene queries against geometry collections in 4.23?
From what I see from source code, it’s implemented to query against a single geometry collection, but there is no implementation for doing this on scene wide.

For people wondering about why projectiles and geometry collections are not colliding:

  • The projectile you’re using is simulated inside PhysX physics scene, and that means it can’t collide with objects simulated in Chaos physics scene. From what I see from SQ Accelerator implementations inside the source code, Epic probably have plans to unify each available physics scene on scene query calls. So that, we will be able to query against geometry collections & physx physics bodies at the same time. Sadly, SQ Accelerators are still heavily in progress, and also Chaos still don’t have high-level utilization of the low level scene query functions implemented in there.

  • I think the projectile should be a geometry collection sphere, and you should make the weapon throw that sphere instead. So that, your projectile and geomety collections will collide.

  • As another solution, it might be possible to attach a destruction field into PhysX simulated projectile, but I’m not sure about how to do that.

I did more tests with my projectile, and like you said having a simple Geometry collection sphere as the projectile works.
No need for a strain field as it is basically an object of a certain density send with an initial velocity!

Before everyone gets too excited about the official release of 4.23, just want to make sure everyone is aware that even now Chaos Destruction can still only be enabled by building from source.