How to do basic fluids?


I am making a cooking game and want to have tomato/pizza sauce. So I want to make a red fluid that is somewhat thick. Is there a good place to start on this or some open source asset stuff I can download and build off of?


If you want fluids in your game you could take a look at Nvidia FleX, you will have to build the engine from source to use it however so you should read up on how to do that. When on the below page make sure you select the GitHub repositry for UE4 and don’t just download the SDK

Hope that helps

worth mentioning that Flex doesn’t work on ATI cards (it’s not slow, it just doesn’t work)

I don’t think flex is the proper solution because it means you’ll have to use a flex editor that is incompatible with lot’s of plugins. I’ve been using it with a 1080gtx and it has lot’s of crashes. Since it has such a great potential and is probably an essential tool to make fluids I hope UE4 and NVIDIA developers cooperate to make the plugin integrated in the engine in the future. meanwhile I would try to use Houdini to do what you require