How to dissolve from point of impact

I have a dissolving shader that works fine but I’d like to push it some more. Currently it dissolves from top-to-bottom, but I’d like it to dissolve from the point of impact if possible. I’m not too familiar with shaders/materials and blueprinting (I followed a guide for the dissolve fairly strictly), and so I’m not sure where to go for this kind of effect I’m looking for.


This is what I’ve achieved so far. As you can see, it dissolves from what seems to be the top of the U 1 to 0, and not where the projectile (invisible in the .gif) hits. If someone could help me find a solution, that’d be fantastic.

Here’s my shading network.

Have you got a solution?

Maybe use a center-out gradient instead of the one in the tutorial, so that the center is where the impact was? I have the same problem, and this is just a guess, but maybe?