How to disable all static lighting and force dynamic lighting only?

Looking on command list “r.AllowStaticLighting 0” in console should do the thing

Version 4.5.1. I have disabled static lighting in Project Settings because in this project all lights including sun/sky are supposed to be dynamic and movable at any time. Restarted the editor as advised under Project Settings. But I’m still getting the artifacts usually associated with “not-yet-(re)built static lighting” in the editor viewport, also in-game when I hit Play:

[Full-size screenshot][1]

Well how do I get rid of those? I don’t want any static lighting, Lightmass, light baking, lightmaps etc. pp. ever in my project. Thought just “disable static lighting” would be sufficient but evidently not, what else do I need to do?

Thanks, didn’t know about that one… being a newb, hah. So to conclude… disabling all-static-lighting “once and forever for the entire project” isn’t supported and the “project settings” dialog’s checkbox for this is ignored? Sure I can type this in the console. Once every project load? Seems kinda weird long-term solution…

Found it, in addition to the “Project Settings” check-box I also needed to tick the collapsed-by-default (facepalm) “Force No-Precomputed Lighting” checkbox in “World Settings”…

It’s read-only.

For 4.19:

  1. open “Project Settings”
  2. uncheck “Allow Static Lighting”