How to decrease the dazzle?

Hi guys!

How can I decrease the dazzle effect? I’m working on a night environment and everytime I look at a light I need to wait a couple of seconds to be able to see properly again (because the view is completely blind).

Thanks in advance!


That’s Auto Exposure in post process effects. You can either set Speed Up/Down values to the same and a smaller value to speed up the transition, or you can set Min. and Max. Brightness values to 1(both must be the same) to disable the effect.

Thanks for your reply! I can’t find the Post Process effects editor in my project… I’ve been looking and it should be in my “World Outliner” list, but it’s not there… Any tips about it?

Once again, thank you!

No problem.

Go to Modes panel > Volumes and find Post Process Volume. Drag and drop one into your level then go to it’s details panel. Set it to Unbound(makes it a global pp volume, and then expand the settings section and tweak any effect you like.


Thanks a lot!! :wink:

I tried to turn off the Auto Exposure in the Project Settings, as setting the Bright values in the Auto Exposure section in my Post Process Volume, but everything makes my scene quite darker.

Is there a way to turn off the Auto Exposure without affecting excessively my scene lightning?

If you set the lighting of your scene with auto exposure on you’ll need to tweak the lights after you turn it off.