How to debug behavior trees with multiple AI?

If you are running a game with multiple AI, you can have the behavior tree window open and select an AI to debug. However, you can’t easily see which AI is being debugged in the scene. Since AIController5 might go to Pawn3. Is there an easy way to Print DisplayNames an AI’s controlled pawn? Or would there be a way to just highlight the controlled pawn of the AI being debugged? I’m working in BP only, trying to stay away from C++.

I was going to post this in the blueprint scripting, but it doesn’t really involve scripting…

So I’m answering my own question here.

You can print Display Names at a 3d Location using the Draw Debug String node. So you can see the controller running on the AI that you’ve placed or spawned into the level. Then in the Behavior Tree, when the game is running, select that controller from the pull-down menu to debug.

Ideally, you’d test behavior in an isolated case, but when behavior is dependent on multiple AI, this is what’s been working for me.