How to debug Android w/ 4.16's -vsdebugandroid option?

Hi guys:

I am trying to figure out how to debug an android build ON THE DEVICE. 4.16 supposedly has a new feature making android debugging easier, which as I understand involves the following:

  1. [Engine Source Folder] Run GenerateBatchFiles.bat with the “-vsdebugandroid” flag
  2. [In Engine] Package the game for Android as DEVELOPMENT, and install the packaged build to device
  3. [In VS2017] Set the project as the startup project
  4. [In VS2017] Set Configuration to DEVELOPMENT-ANDROID
  5. [In VS2017] Debug → Start New Instance

For me, at step #5, immediately after the build completes successfully, an error message pops up saying it can’t find the .so file for the project (the Android static library file, I assume). “Unable to start program ‘C:/xxx/yyy/zzz/’ The system cannot find the file specified.” And this is currently where I am stuck.

Have I set the wrong configuration in #4?
Did I miss a step somewhere? Is VS2017 not set up correctly? (Yes, I have common tools installed)

Any hint/guidance to get this debugger to work would be greatly appreciated!


Just for some additional info., I noticed that the error message looks for a filename that doesn’t QUITE exist. As you can see in the captured image, the .so file that actually exists has a slightly longer filename (specifically with “-armv7-es2”).

I’m not sure if this info. helps, but thought I’d share nonetheless.

You can see the following article:

I hope it will help you