How to create Macros for Material Functions?

I wanted to create a macro for a material function, but it seems not possible to call the macro (library) from within a material function. Is there some tutorial available or is this just not possible?

Thank you in advance.

Material functions are the macros of the material world, you’re already there…

Thank you. So there is no way to use “normal” macros inside material functions at all? As far as I can gather, the macros allow more flexibility, especially since I want to control the execution flow with it.

Macros are part of blueprints. They have nothing to do with materials.

I remember getting materials and blueprints confused when I first started. They look like each other, but they are not related at all.

I want to control the execution flow

Materials don’t have much flow control, you do have these:


Usually combined with other math nodes. You run macros in the relevant blueprint and push values into parametrised dynamic material instances.

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