How to create Infinity Mirror??

Hello! Yes I know there is another thread that has a similar title, but not the answer I’m looking for. So I have started working on The Grid, (From Tron Legacy), and it’s off to a good start so far. So here’s an example of the “Charted” areas of the grid, (It’s literally called “The Grid”). If you look at the floor/ ground, it’s like a reflective surface on top of a reflective surface the just keeps beaming light back down but not back up as much. It creates an effect similar to the “Infinity Mirror Example” image. So I don’t even know where to start to recreate this, any ideas? I’d love to recreate this, one of my favorite movies in terms of design because of the creative beauty it holds.

For each reflection, you need to place a new texture sample in the material. use the bumpoffset node. For each texture, use a slightly bigger bumpoffset to give them spread. Then simply add up all of the samples. You probably want to darken down each sample as you can see after only 5-6 reflections most of the light is gone.

I don’t see the effect represented there, in the movie it’s using lots of reflective surfaces or stuff like glass, you really just need a glossy reflective floor with emissive textures for the illuminated lines. For the most part UE4 can do real-time reflections for that purpose, though it’s screen space reflections which means it only reflects what’s currently visible but they’re going to be adding a feature for surfaces like floors to do full reflections like the 2D reflection capture actors that were in UE3.

That will probably work, thanks!

You are correct, its not really going to be possible to do this automatically using the automatic engine features.

The solution I described is how to make the 2nd attachment, and you would need a texture of the lightbulbs to do it. It wouldn’t reflect characters the same way without additional and probably very expensive hacks.

Hmmm… I guess I’ll wait until dynamic/real time reflections are released. But I could still do a floor with static reflections right? If it’s all pre-computed? On the brightside I guess I could get the exact look and feel I want.

There are no currently planned changes to reflections other than the addition of some very limited planar reflections added for the proto star demo. That can help you get nice mirror reflections on the ground but only one reflection.

You can easily get single mirror reflections using 0 roughness materials. These will reflect screen space reflections as well as the static reflection captures you place around your level. But if you want to have that multiple bounce effect you will need to do it manually and probably just accept that characters will not have multiple reflections.

That would be fine, I think characters with 5-6 reflections would be not as attractive as a character with one reflection anyways. Plus it would stupidly taxing on the hardware to make 5-6 reflections on just the ground. Then also on other structures, plus what if I have 4 characters at once, plus particles. Oh and the animations, so they’re always moving. It makes zero sense that structures get extra reflections and characters get one realistically. But hey, it’s the grid I’m recreating, designed to be limitless, to go to the unknown lol.

About planar reflection, it will be mobile feature only, or there is a chance to see it on a desktop? And related question - will be it compatible with translucent objects? (I’m asking about water)

Same questions here.
Is it planned for 4.11?

Only time can tell. Well that and employees lol.

Employees that have time to answer.

If vulkan will leave much headroom as have been saying, then no excuses for at least 1 depth of selective realtime reflections.


Didn’t do 5-6 reflections, but I did 2, I didn’t do 5-6 though because 2 wasn’t very noticeable, so I didn’t want to waste power on that. Otherwise though it’s going good.

I also didn’t make separate trail mats, just noticed those textures are in the same spots lol.

Cool :slight_smile:

This reminds me, yesterday I was talking to a friend and they said they really wanted to do the tron motorcycle racing scene in VR. Those instant 90 degree turns shouldn’t cause any concerns with motion sickness right :smiley:

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I need to double check my answer with somebody else before responding on the reflections release question. Definitely not 4.11 but I am not even sure if its 4.12 or 4.13 yet. Pretty sure it works fine in non mobile projects but I do recall some mention of limitations. Translucent objects should be ok.

Its basically an ‘opt in’ system where you tag only certain meshes to render in the reflection. Then it still uses the static reflection to fill in the background where no geometry was rendered for the planar reflection pass.

Thanks for these informations.
So, it doesn’t seem to work with a render target, does it?
And will we be able to have acces to the planar reflection pass, to make stuff on it like uv displacement?

Yes, it uses a render target attached to the player camera. You actually have to place the render target in any materials that use it so you can do whatever you want to how it is rendered including overriding the UV or changing the fresnel falloff for the reflection compositing etc.

You could do most if it not with just content minus the part where you mask for only certain meshes to be reflected which makes it much more performant.