How to create Infinity Mirror??

Hey Ryan!

Is it possible to do something like what has made people of lumion, twinmotion or lumenrt for planar selective realtime reflections? People are using 2 or 3 videocards to render with other kind of engines like vrayrt, why not to leave performance limitations open for reflections?

Arq. Leo V.

I noticed that in the 4.11 preview you can create a planarReflection blueprint, but I presume that won’t do anything?

i dont know how to use planarReflection, have some tutorial ?

Hey Guys! Thought I’d show some of the progress from on this project!

Epic’s Forums are being funky so I couldn’t upload an image. However I uploaded a 10 second video on Youtube real quick so you can see it. [video]- YouTube

That looks really cool!
But… You know you can use IMG ] /IMG ] without the spaces and add a photo that was uploaded somewhere else as the URL in there right?