How to correctly bake static lights for level streaming?

I am trying to create 9 different lighting scenes in a standard box-like room for VR experimentation purposes using an HTC Vive. I have multiple static lights in each scene. Between scenes, color temperature and light intensity will be varied.

I have set up 9 different sub-maps under a persistent level for each of the lighting conditions. But the rendered output looks like this:

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I am level streaming the different scenes but the static lights do not seem to bake correctly.


Hi Eby,

Are you using “Lighting Scenarios” properly ?

Your Persistent Level should be kept as a regular level (in your screenshot, it seems like it is a lighting scenario as the “sun” icon is shown on its side), and all other sub-levels should be converted to lighting scenarios ( with the “Sun” Icon toggled). Also, did you make sure every light you use are in the proper level ?

It should look like this:


To build lights, you can either build only one scenario at a time by only showing one level, or you can build all at once by making all scenarios visible.

That’s the only thing I can think of based on your screenshot.

Regards, Ben.