How to change the tessellation quality?

Hi, I cannot google it, if I google it then the answer is to increase the TessellationMultiplier in the material but the quality of the tessellated landscape is limited where the area is close to the camera.

According to my experience, I cannot change it, the only solution is to delete the entire landscape with its foliage that I wasted my time, then I have to recreate a new landscape with smaller scale. But before I delete the entire landscape like I said before, please answer me, I backup the whole 10 GB project. Then delete landscape and create a new landscape. And if someone answers me, then I recover the backup.

Please answer, this problem happened multiple times, and it may happen again in the future.

Park From Lucid Dream
Know that the picture below is not perfect yet, the grass above the path doesn’t look perfect, I will improve it once the problem solved.
Here is my artwork, just imagine all of this foliage will be gone like I said : ( because foliage is connected with the landscape that I must delete if there’s no solution. So please help me. It’s very important in my life, I will apreciate any help and I will never forget.

The solution was solved here:…blend_standard