How to change the icon of your game?

I can’t seem to change the Unreal Engine default icon when packaging my game, any solution? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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In your project settings, Go under Platforms → Windows. See Game Icon.

Make sure you produce the icon as a .ico file (which is not PNG, but can be converted using online tools for example) and 256x256.


Note that I had to restart explorer to see the icon change :slight_smile:


And if the icon doesn’t work in-game (e.g. windows task bar) it’s a bug that’s been fixed in 4.11.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Did that bug get fixed in 4.11? My task bar still has the standard icon.

I think so, have a look at this :

I just thought I’d add to this for anyone else who might find it in the future. Windows has a requirement that any icon file must contain the icon at multiple resolutions, specifically 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256. If the icon doesn’t have all of these resolutions contained within it, it won’t work properly.

I discovered a website that is really fast and simple for creating icons for you (better than any software I downloaded) …

You simply upload your image, then at the bottom of the page you select the option for multiple resolutions and pick the ones I mentioned above before you hit download. I’ve tested this and it works fine on Windows 7.


^ This! Gah! Multiple resolutions embedded in one .ico file! Thank you!

Any solution for the Android icon?

I found out the hard way that if your file path to your .ico file has a SPACE, this will break it and UE will revert back to the default icon. Also, uncommon characters such as an exclamation point breaks it to. Underscores work.

So make sure you have no SPACES or SPECIAL CHARACTERS in the file path to the .ico file.

…such a dumb reason for it to break…


Thanks, I’m really confused for the whole morning, digging why application icon not changed…

That’s typical of any Windows file or folder. Never use special characters or spaces. The best you can do is CapitalizeEveryWord or Use_An_Underscore instead of a space.

Open Properties from the shortcut’s contextual menu. …
Press on Change Icon. …
You can Browse to locate the file for the icon you want. …
Select your file and press Open. …
Select the icon and press OK. …
Click or faucet on OK or Apply.

I guess I’m not the only one that has recently been packing the game a bunch of times wondering why the fK*ng icon is not changing…


The icoconvert link is now 404 - use


Oh, sad. Thanks for finding an alternative :slight_smile: