How to call ue4 render multiple camera?

I want to render multiple camera at same time,

But I don’t want to use scene capture 2d, because color and post process is not same as camera view.

Is it possible to call ue4 render multiple camera at same time and write to render target using c++?

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Did you get answer?

@ryanwang0521 @Vinayaka_P have you found something on the topic?

Hey there! Unfortunately rendering two viewports real time at once is currently handled only inside of the split screen portion of the engine or in third party plugins. If you’re using blueprints this will likely be your limitation altogether. Although the engine is capable, you’d just have to work from source (C++) to accomplish it.

Some users are reporting they can pull this off with the Composure plugin, while it’s not it’s intended use, it may be cheaper than using render targets (unconfirmed), and less hacky than adjusting the split screen.

I want to achieve rendering multiple cameras (or more likely SceneCaptureComponents) in parallel without viewports. I faced this problem Parallelize camera rendering for multi-cam robotic system to increase FPS performance

And I’m wondering if it’s possible to parallelize it.

Tell me more, C++ or modifying Engine source code is not a problem :grinning:

I’ll have a look at source code of this Composure plugin, maybe there is something helpful.

Since Unreal is open source, you’d likely have to expose portions of the camera and viewports to adjust how they are processed. While it’s possible, the how will come with lots of tinkering. Wish I could explain a bit better, but I don’t often delve into the source code, and when it comes to rendering portions it can get quite complicated.

If you’re willing to give it a shot and wanna check out the source, here’s a link:

If you do end up pulling it off, I recommend writing up a plugin and selling it because you wouldn’t believe how often this question comes up!