How to bulid a DMX fixture with soft light(RectLight)?

I am developing a Film virtual lighting system. I want to use the DMX plugins, but the example fixtures what I saw in the “DMX Fixtures Content/light Fixtures” only include PointLight and SpotLight.
And none of them include RectLight.,even though the “BP_StaticMatrix” which seem like an area light source.


Then I tried all the Fixtures and found that all the fixtures lighting with no soft shadow (include BP_StaticMatrix,BP_StaticStrobe and BP_WashLED), all their lighting shadow is hard and sharp.

I know the DMX Light Fixtures in 4.26 are basically use in stage, but i just want to use it in Virtual Film Lighting which need real lighting like the screenshot below.(I has open the ray tracing)

So I hope that someone can tell me how to build a light fixture with soft lighting like RectLight in UE, thank!