How to build Lightmaps with Houdini

just add 2nd uv channel, where all uv shells are not overlapped or flipped.

Also, I think there is an option to generate lightmap uv during import into editor.

I can’t seem to get a lightmap UV for the Asset I imported from Houdini. I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or any documentation explaining it and searching google keeps bringing me to unrelated places.

This is the first time I have asked anything on here please forgive any errors in submitting the question.

Picture included showing the mesh on the left from houdini.

In UE4 or with Houdini? if Houdini, I don’t know how to add one in the first place but I now know what to look for

Add 2nd uv channel in houdini

OR, generate it during import into Unreal with “Generate Lighmap UV”