How to browse API documentation?

Is there some sensible way to browse class methods and the like?

For example, I see that GetPlayerPawn is documented here: UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerPawn | Unreal Engine Documentation

but if I click on UGameplayStatics from there (to reach UGameplayStatics | Unreal Engine Documentation), there are no members documented/linked whatsoever.

Is there no way to “explore” the API if I don’t know the exact name of something I’m searching for? Or is there some clever reason I don’t realize why members are documented, but not linked from the class they belong to, in the API documentation?

Currently I’m resorting to Googling blindly, finding answers or wiki pages which are often already outdated, or looking at the names of blueprint nodes and trying to find the corresponding C++ name so I can look up a page like the first one I linked.

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There used to be a CHM file you could use to browse the API offline, unfortunately I don’t see that file anymore.

Is your best bet for documentation and just “browsing”. But even that resource can be out of date so I tend to use it as a starting point and then always go read the code itself to verify it behaves the same as the documentation describes.

API Refrence since something around 4.6 starting to have holes like that and i reported in documentation bug raport section in forums but without any reponce.

In such cases header files themselves are best documentation you can get, in API Refrence pages you got path to header file where the specific thing is declered and you can do there, since header rarely got any code and just declerations it is quite readable. So in case of UGameplayStatics is here:

Also in VS if you right click any function or class you can go to deceleration, not to mention all data in header file is used in auto-complete, so you get the same content you would get in API refrence

Ofcorse htis is not excuse to keep API refrence incomplete

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