How to avoid Z-fighting on plane object? Flickering issue

Hi there. I’m trying to spawn the blood pool actor from FXVilles Blood VFX pack multiple times, however when they are on top of each other they start flickering. Doing some research I found that this is called Z-fighting and some people on Reddit were recommending to play with the pixel-depth offset value in the material to combat this. However I could not figure it out, and whenever this actor is spawned multiple times, it will flicker, as shown on the video below:

I also tried showing the nodes behind this blood pool actor. I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.

i have no idea how that asset is working under the hood, but if you are able to edit the geometry it’s an easy fix - just make it ever so slightly convex and should not have that problem.

There may be smarter way to adjust the shader. I just do things the dumb way cause thats what I know.

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Making it slightly convex is probably the best option but if you want another one you can just pick a random z offset from the surface when you spawn them so that they’re less likely to ever perfectly overlap.

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Hi. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it! First of all, I’m still kinda new to UE4 so I don’t really know how to make a plane convex. Picking a random z offset seems like an easier solution for me… Have a great day/night.

Haha totally relatable. About the convex part, how do I make a plane convex? I don’t really know that term, can you redirect me to any tutorial/documentation? Appreciate it!

Here i’ve made it convex ^

double click any word so it is highlighted, right click and google will make you a genius :