How to auto-generate UV Lightmap?

Hi, I have a static mesh.
I added in blender a 2nd UV Texture. Now I have 3 UV Channels in my Static Mesh (no idea why).
Well, I can’t seem to find the option for auto-generating uv lightmap. It should be in the window drop-down menu but it isn’t there.

If you have more than one UV map in your FBX export, UE4 assumes the first UV map is the texturing data and the second UV map is the lightmap. If it’s not a second channel in the FBX, UE4 will ask you if you want it to generate the light map on your own at the time of import. I don’t think you can ask it to build them later on without a reimport. Although a lot of times it doesn’t do the greatest job in the world for light maps and people make their own.

Your options:

  1. Delete all but one of the UVs maps from your Blender file and export the FBX with one UV map and let UE4 build the light map on import.

  2. Make sure the first UV map in your Blender file is the normal texture map. Make the second UV map be your lightmaps - look around for some tutorials if you’re not sure how to make lightmap UVs. I don’t think UE4 will care if there are more than 2 UV maps, I’m guessing it will just ignore them.

Yeah I found out I had 3, because 2 from blender, and in the lightmap generation settings, there was index 2 as destination, setting it to 1 removed the channel.