How to Auto-Generate Lightmaps for my Blender model?

SPOILER: Im new to Game development and 3-d modelling so be patient with me :stuck_out_tongue:

So the meshes i made in blender when exported to unreal, were becoming “black” in color when i built the lighting.
The problem i found was that i wasnt addding any lightmaps to my mesh. (i had no idea what a ligthmap is)
I searched around the net to find out how to make/add light map to my mesh and found the solution on how to do it in blender.
But i also found another video:

in which unreal can auto-generate lightmaps for your meshes at the time of import

Here is my test mesh

When i import this mesh into unreal as an fbx i get the import menu in which there is a ticked checkbox that says
“Generate Lightmap UV’s”:

But the mesh still doesnt have any lightmaps and still gets dark when i build the lighting, however it worked for the guy in the video (unreal auto-generated lightmaps for his mesh):
Here is a SS of the blank lightmaps for my test mesh after exporting to unreal(both the channels, 0 and 1 are blank):

What am i missing here? how do i make unreal auto generate lightmaps for my blender mesh
NOTE: no extra settings have been made for the blender mesh, i just opened it and extruded the faces of the cube in random directions and exported it as fbx
Thanks for sparing time to read! i would really appreciate some help asap


I think you forget create UV0 in Blender. The geometry that you want to import into UE4 should contain UV0.

Use this tutorial for create UV0 in Blender.

Blender 2.7 Tutorial #13 : UV Mapping (Unwrapping for Image Textures)

And try again to import the corrected model.