How to apply trace channel for BSP or other actors?

Hi guys.

All i want is to create trace from mouse to my floor(BSP, static mesh).
I’ve created standart scheme with “Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel” node, and created new trace channel in my project settings.

How can i put my floor basp/static mesh into that specific channel?
Or maybe i’m doing this all wrong?

I’m looking into this right now too, i have unimportant foreground objects that are being used during a ‘get hit result under cursor by channel’ node, which causes my selection to bounce randomly.

Looks like the way to do this is to take everything else out of the trace channel, so that only the relevant object still generates hits. I did this with a custom hit test on the problem nodes. That looks like this:


Well, thats how i did it, pretty easy:

  1. Went to project setting tab and created new trace channel - with “Ignore” by default. 2.Made static mesh from my floor BSP (im pretty sure u cant choose any trace or object channel for BSP without converting it - since its just a brush, but correct me, if im wrong) and set respones of my new channel to “Block”. 3. Made blueprint with “Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel” with my new channel.

Since your custom channel is set to ignore by default - all other static meshes will ignore the trace.