How to add a stereoscopic view in your game

And without calling third-party VR API.


It’s not a big deal, it’s not the same VR as you think about.

It’s all about camera view effect setting.

Actually, all video games are rely on monoscopic camera, what are you calling 3D video games are not real 3D, it’s just 3D rendering on 2D screen.

There are 3D screens, but it fails to convince the public, but 3D screen headset doesn’t (aka VR headset).
3D screen can be achieved with multiple ways, anaglyph (cinema 3D), polarization (3D TV), stereoscopy (VR headset).

So here’s my idea for UE4 games, adding a stereoscopic camera in, I am not saying adding VR motion trackers (VR input device) support, like knuckles or headset tracker or body tracker, only use the actual traditional input device such as keyboard, mouse.

But if you want to include VR controllers, I would like to say, just wait, wait that Microsoft include VR device input support in their API, like keyboard/mouse support in WinAPI or .NET.

But, why implement this solution without VR motion tracker you would say, my solution is comparable to 3D cinema or 3D TV.

Btw, since VR headset is just an additional screen, like your PC screen, you will be able to view this stereoscopy with your VR headset.

Else you can create an Arduino input device with an MPU and use Unreal-Arduino capability to use your device in your game.

So here’s the steps to do that:

And enjoy your VR view:


Nice,i love you!

can i get your project?


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What about optimization? How much does it cost?

I agree with you, but for an entirely different reason and that is to actually use virtual camera rig like you have described to capture 100-130 degree FOV image and then convert them to equirectangular using Adobe After Effect. This gives me a geometrically correct output that I then project on a Google VR180 formatted video output. This not only reduces the size of the video (no need to waste 180 degrees for a 360, or anything outside the FOV of the VR headset) but also improves the frame capture processes that I have used to capture omni capture and 360 capture plugins, plus I have the full power of the cinematography camera both in the 2D Scene Capture and the camera used to capture the projected image on two planes for over/under format.

I can see this process being used to create immersive experiences for film and video without the headache of a 180 or 360 stage. Here is an example of its use for my promo videos for “Ingenuity in VR” on YouTube: "Welcome Back" After 1 Year Perseverance & Ingenuity Unite Back at Octavia Butler Landing Site VR180 - YouTube

More info on Ingenuity in VR here:

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hey there! Im just new to Unreal and would really like to know more about setting up stereoscopic cameras in unreal and exporting (especially SBS)… Are you familiar with this? If so would you be willing to kinda clue me in to it all?
Most Sincerely, steve

I am and sorry for the late reply. Are you want to create stereo camera that you can use live or capture frames of video from to import in to a non linear editor like Adobe Premiere?

Well… I literally just upgraded to a honkin pc i9/rtx 3080ti (from mac) that can actually handle some really heavy models and environments (when anything i tried before… I couldnt even open!)

Id like to create environments with my own photogrammetry scans and either create a walk through presentation going through these in 3d 180 vr (for oculus etc) using unreal and premiere … and/or an experience where someone can explore it themselves in 3d 180 vr

Does that make sense?
I have a couple stereoscopic cameras and can create sbs video in premiere so there is some familiarity
thanks for reply!
sincerely, steve

Hello, guys.
The archive you applied is no more available.
Can somebody upload sample project, may be in gitHub?


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Can I replace this as android/ios VR support as official Google VR plugin was deprecated for UE 4.24+

Will it work ?

Great idea ! could you repost the archive please ?