How to access particle positions in the Nvidia Flex UE4 integration?

I am working with the NVIDIA Flex UE4 integration, and am wondering if it is possible to read Flex particle positions in a C++ script at runtime.

From the Flex Artist Tools documentation, I know you can have Soft Bodies attach to and follow rigid shapes, but I am looking to do the opposite of that: I’m trying to attach actors to soft bodies without the use of intervening rigid actors. For example, say I am working with a Flex Soft Body of an octopus. Is there a way to have an audio source actor follow a particular particle on the on the octopus’ tentacle as it deforms?

If I could get access to the positions of Flex particles on every frame in a script, then it would be simple to have an actor follow a certain particle, but I can’t find any documentation that explains how to do this.

Have you find a solution for this problem? I have the same problem

I have not, unfortunately.

Thanks for answare.
Do you know a method for extract coordinate of a flex sphere’s mesh?