How secure are embedded/packaged models, textures, etc?

I have a client who is looking to build a VR project. But they are asking how secure the files will be, once packaged? Will anyone be able to dig out any of their proprietary licensed content and distribute it without their permission. It’s for a museum, so they just don’t want high resolution scans and textures from the art spread out publicly. Is this possible with Unreal?

First off, by default it’s not secure at all. Anyone can unpack a .pak file if they have ue4. Second, I know there’s a way…

I’ve been looking around, and I’ve found several answers which are… unclear at best. Maybe you can make more sense of them.

I hope this helps

Thank you! Those were interesting threads, although it does seem like it’s a futile effort to encrypt data via Unreal. Sounds like anything can be decrypted on a PC. I really wish Unreal would address this.