How is him able to add the city in the night outside the windows?

Someone can explain me how can i realize the city out the windows?
Thx for your help.

You mean make glass windows, or make the city? Theres a great sample called platformer game with a yellow robot that has a city in it. File size isn’t large. You can find tons of tutorials on making glass.

The city! I’am able to make glass.
Thx you for the sample, i download it but i speak about the light on the building during the night

Hello marconanni. You can do it by creating an emissive map which fits with your building texture. And adjust the brightness by connecting multiply and constant node. For me this is the easiest way. Here is a quick example for you. Hope this helps. Thank you.

Thx, that’s all that i need.

I search for the “platformer game sample”, it’s usefull too, but i found only the documentation, i think it was removed from the marketplace.

Ok, it’s in epic launcher, learn tab!