How I can tint cube map?

Hi. Im trying to do a coated glass.

And stuck in the problem that I can’t access a cube map which is used on my model right now.
I know that I can use a custom cubemap for that, but the problem is that for different environments it should be different and I want to solve this using only shader logic without any fancy blueprints…

Is there a way somehow access a cube map(s) which is used right now on the model to change its color? Via custom nodes for example or using something else?

How is your cubemap set up? In the skylight or in a custom material? If the latter you could just Overlay Blend the map with a 3 vector parameter.

After a quick google, this guy seems to have gotten a cool coloured spec result using a reflection vector plugged into the emissive:

You could maybe do the same but with your cubemap blended with a tint? And switch the texture parameter holding the cubemap per environment.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the answer, but this is not quite what I am looking for…

I want not to use custom cube map at all. With custom cubemap it is pretty easy - I just can subtract numbers from it and get a similar realistic result then plug it into the emissive slot. But as I said this works only for the environment where this cubemap was taken. In different environment (night setup for example) it may look very foreign. Also it doesn’t count SSR.

So I am looking for something dynamic, but without any blueprints. For example: tint reflection that engine uses when rendering the model.

Hmmmmm, suddenly an idea visited me…
Can I use post-process for this?
If I subtract diffuse from composed frame will I get reflection pass?

If it work I can tint it, add result back to diffuse and plug it in emissive slot…
It may work. I will try later…

UPD: Um, nope it doesn’t work right… (((