How i can iluminate an interior with movable lights?

Hello, I have some lamps in my scene (using the spotlight) but I have a problem, these lights need to be changed during the game (the intensity) because I want to turn them on and off with a light switch, the problem is that I can’t use movable lights because they have no light bounces, I can’t use stationary lights because the distance between them is to make the light overlap and causing an error, and I also can’t use static lights because I can’t modify their intensity during the game… What am I supposed to do in these situations?

Static Lights:

Movable Lights:

Moveable lights is the way, you just need to tune the intensity and radius a bit more…

Yeah, one light is not enough. Whether a scene is lit statically or dynamically, when you look at good examples they often have a LOT of lights in various places…

I your case, if you want it to look like the top scene, only have a basic light for the overhead lamp ( just enough to make it look like a lamp ) and the rest would be point lights placed about 1/4 room size from the wall. Probably six.

You can’t do more than this with a spotlight …

Movable lights are so laggy, if i play on full screen mode, i get 30-40 fps, and with static lights or stationary i get more than 100, is any option for the movable lights to stop recalculating the position of the shadows or something like this?

Well, the solution I suggested will work with either sort of course, but the main things that will cut down on movable light resource usage would be:

  1. Attenuation radius ( sure )

  2. Max draw distance ( used with the fade range )

2 is a way of telling the system not to draw them anymore, when they are out of range. Only applicable when you have more than one area.

what computer specs is the scene running on?

i3 6100 - GTX 750 TI - 16 GB RAM (A little bit basic, but i can play Visage at 60 fps and its all movable lights)

Oh right, thank you!