How exactly do I set up Swarm on a network?

I’m trying to make a small apartment for ArchViz. Just 5 rooms. While building lighting it’s taking me 2 hours to reach 2.5% and it gets stuck there forever. Someone suggested network building using swarm coordinator. I simply can’t find proper instructions for that. Here’s what I’ve done till now:

  • Copied the entire DotNET folder from binaries to my second PC
  • Installed the pre requisites on PC#2.
  • Given a common agent group name on both PCs.
  • Allowed the other PC on this one in AllowedRemoteAgentNames
  • Started SwarmCoordinator.exe on PC#2 (Which does not have UE4 installed)
  • Set CoordinatorRemotingHost in swarmagent on both PCs.
  • AvoidLocalExecution and EnableStandaloneMode are False on both PCs
  • Successfully pinged the coordinator and agents on both PCs.
  • Tried to build lighting… But it gave the job to the local swarm agent only! the other agent was idle throughout
  • I checked my network and tried again…same result
  • I changed group names, agent names and tried lots of settings… still no difference.
  • I restarted all agents in the coordinator before every build… the agent logs said restart for non-published agents ignored
  • Also when I ping the agents, the log says there’s some IP problem every time

How do I fix this!? There isn’t any proper documentation for swarm
Please help!! :frowning:

Hello pmathur,

I’m not familiar with using Swarm myself but maybe these two resources could help you.

The first is an answerhub where one of our developers answered a question about how to use swarm with quite a bit of detail: Swarm - What is it and how to use it? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

The second is a troubleshooting guide set up by a co-worker on how to fix a lot of common problems with SwarmAgent:

Hope this helps!