How does the material light to the left, be as bright as the one on the right?

Can you remove the image, these two settings are the same material.
is it the wrong light source or setting the celestial sphere?
Please help

No, it’s not the same project. I’m learning ue4 again and will introduce my friend. the image on the right is the Fabrice Bourallly corridor project. I followed all the instructions, and finally stopped here. :frowning:
Please help

Various approaches to make:

A) Add specular.

B) Brighten the texture :slight_smile:

C) Add brighten in material

I see it is also the same texture…

Well then you will have to share more info…

Is it the same project ?

I have a feeling that maybe at the right project eye adaption is enabled and at the left is not.
But there could be various things as well…

is the wrong light source or sky sphere setting? i will keep trying ,. Thanks for the answer,