How do you line up textures on a Landscape with Landscape layer coordinates?

I’m having trouble getting a terrain texture to line up with the landscape. I’m using LandscapeCoords as a uv in the material editor. My mapping scale is set to 4065, the same resolution as the landscape. The texture doesn’t line up though, it’s slightly shifted. Adjusting Mapping Pan U, or Mapping Pan V doesn’t seem to have any effect. What’s the right way to do this?

Ok, so it looks like in order for the landscape to match up with the texture, the landscape heightmap resolution needs to be the same size as the final landscape resolution. Also, I found that resampling the heightmap to a different resolution in photoshop will introduce artifacts to the terrain. It seems best to export the height map at the correct resolution from terrain generation software, or crop it to that size in Photoshop. I still think Mapping Pan U or Mapping Pan V are not working at the moment.

Hello, I’m just wondering if you’ve found a solution for this? I’m having very similar issues with my terrain. It’s very close to lining up, but it doesn’t appear that my Mapping Pan V no longer has an effect


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Thank you.