How do you import a .fbx as a skeletal mesh?

I removed a static mesh from Unreal in order to edit it, and I want to put its .fbx file back in as a static mesh, but no matter how hard I try it is simply imported as a static mesh still. What should I do and could someone please give me instructions on how to import it as a skeletal mesh instead. I don’t really care about animations.

are you trying to import as static or skeletal? you mention both in your post. also do you have a rig in your fbx? if you have a rig or any bones ue4 should auto detect that its a skeletal mesh. also theres a checkbox in some versions of the importer to tell the engine if the object should be skeletal.

Hi there, thanks for replying. I’m trying to import as skeletal. However, I haven’t rigged any bones - is this hard to do and do you know of any good tutorials? I’m relatively new to blender.

A skeletal mesh will require a skeleton. If the model doesn’t contain a skeleton or any skinning data, it will be imported as a static mesh, since by definition a skeletal mesh is one that contains a skeleton.

is it hard, well that depends on your experience and what your attempting to make. if you wanted a character and animations then it could be difficult if your new, if your just trying to make it a skeletal mesh then you just add a bone the mesh then parent one to the other and make sure your exporting armature (blender does by default).

as for tutorials theres a ton of good ones out there. off hand is recommend the character creation series by Sebastian Lague its one of the ones i watched when i started. hes a unity guy but the character stuff he shows works for ue4 too.

Thanks so much for your great help, much appreciated.