how do you create an emissive texture that illuminates space?

Hi there,

Im trying to figure out this problem but i cannot seem to find anyone that has a reasonable response.

here is the link to the thread. Emissive texture illuminance - #7 by Stev_fun - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

basically im trying to create dynamic lighting through emissive materials. Any sort of guidance would be amazing. Thanks!

As suggested in the forum post, you will have to use VXGI or LPV to get the effects you are looking for with dynamic lighting or fake dynamic LEDs etc. by using point/spotlights. You could also fake the shadow light effect on the floor I think but from what I see, your studio does not have the technical department and you should refrain to dynamic lighting solutions like VXGI or LPV, although they surely come with other drawbacks.